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What We Offer

Group Training

30 minute group training sessions, specifically designed for office based, on-site construction and factory workers.  The primary focus for all group training sessions is functional training, however these sessions can be tailored to cater for all members of the group and their fitness levels.

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Individual Training

The ‘Freedom to move’ individual training programs are designed to meet your specific needs based on your current activity levels and what you want to achieve.  From body weight focused training to advanced weight training, these 12 weeks programs are progressive and varied to ensure maximum results.

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Nutrition Guides

These easy to follow, simple nutrition guides are designed to support you alongside your fitness goals.  These guides provide valuable information on the ideal food choices that will enable you to achieve the best results.  

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LeaWay Fitness provides online and in person Health and Wellness solutions, for the everyday professional. What's different about LeaWay Fitness, is we take you back to the basics of movement. A combination of strength and yoga, with a specific purpose; to provide a comfortable, fun, low impact, safe environment, where we dispel myths about health and fitness and spark ideas about how to make the most out of your body and it's abilities. All of this within a supportive and non-judgemental community.

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