12 Aug

Sleep is vital to good health and rejuvenation.
It is a time when your body detoxifies, and your tissues repair and grow.
When you sleep, and even rest, toxic waste products are processed and eliminated at all levels from sub cellular to body organs.
You get tired after a long period of work, exercise, or stress. A build up of toxic acid wastes causes the fatigue in your limbs or throughout your body. The activity generates the waste products more quickly than the disposal mechanisms and get rid of them. When you rest, the toxins are discarded faster than they are generated.
Lack of sleep within hours can lead to slow reactions, inappropriate hunger and a stressed and compromised immune system.
Most adults need between six and eight hours of sleep per day, and children need more. Excessive sleep is as detrimental as getting too little. With too much sleep, you will feel physically and mentally sluggish, and it can lead to depression.
It is important to keep a regular routine. Do not work late into the night long after the sun has set, only to wake late in the morning after the sun has been up for some time.
Here are some suggestions to ensure you quickly fall to sleep, and then have continual deep and restful sleep without needing to hit the snooze button.
• Keep regular sleep patterns.
• No caffeine 10 hours before bed.
• No food or alcohol with 3 hours before bed.
• No work 2 hours before bed.
• No screen time 1 hour before bed.

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